Library: Guide to Bees and Honey

Title:      Guide to Bees and Honey
Categories:      Basic Assessment
BookID:      40
Authors:      Ted Hooper, Ted Hooper, Ted Hooper, Ted Hooper, Ted Hooper, Ted Hooper
ISBN-10(13):      0713713828
Publisher:      Blandford Press
Publication date:      1976-01-01
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      260
Language:      English
Price:      61.60 GBP
Rating:      0 
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Product Description
Intended for both new and experienced beekeepers, this invaluable and highly illustrated volume provides answers to virtually every beekeeping question - from avoiding swarms to setting a hive up for winter."Guide to Bees and Honey" also presents expert advice for readers who plan to maintain a few hives for personal, recreational use, as well as those who want to expand an existing colony into a commercial venture.Also included in this volume is a section on the Varroa mite - a particularly nasty parasite that has proved fatal to many British hives. It explains what it does, how it spreads, and effective ways to treat and prevent infestation.


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