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Title:      A World Without Bees
Categories:      General Reading
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Authors:      Alison Benjamin, Brian McCallum
ISBN-10(13):      9780852651315
Publisher:      Guardian Books
Publication date:      2009-06-04
Edition:      Reprint
Number of pages:      304
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A third of all that we eat, and much of what we wear, relies on pollination by honeybees. So if - or when - the world loses its black-and-yellow workers, the consequences will be dire. What is behind this catastrophe? Could it be virusees, or parasites? Or perhaps modern farming practices such as the widespread use of pesticides? Or is climate change to blame? In this timely book, Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum, keen amateur beekeepers themselves, enlist the help of scientists and specialists to investigate every claim and counterclaim. In the process, they uncover the question that will soon be oneveryone's lips: Is there any possible way of saving honeybees - and, with them, the world as we know it?





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