Library: The Social Organization of Honeybees (Studies in Biology)
Title:      The Social Organization of Honeybees (Studies in Biology)
Categories:      BBKA Module 6 - Honey bee Behaviour
BookID:      66a
Authors:      John B. Free, John B. Free, John B. Free
ISBN-10(13):      0713126558
Publisher:      Edward Arnold
Publication date:      1977-11-01
Number of pages:      72
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Language:      English
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The honeybee is one of the most intensively studied insects and many of the findings have wide implications and have stimulated research on other organisms. Topics incorporated in the booklet from scientific journals include: colony structure and organization; physiological mechanisms of caste determination; activities and adaptability of worker bees; temperature regulation; reproduction; seasonal cycle of activities; the special part that pheromones play in regulating colony activities; communication of the location of forage and the principles of foraging behaviour.


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