North Shropshire Beekeepers' Association Privacy Policy

What is the purpose of this policy?
The North Shropshire BKA have created this privacy statement in order to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) (GDPR) [Although the UK has left the EU the North Shropshire Website is hosted on servers within the EU]

What personal data does NSBKA collect?
The data we routinely collect includes members names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and colony details. We collect this data directly from our members when they join the Association.
For some of our members we may have additional information where appropriate, such as committee memberships, courses attended, and beekeeping qualifications.

What is this personal data used for?
We use members data for the administration of their membership of NSBKA, the communication of association information, and the organisation of events.

Who is your data shared with?
Your membership data is passed on to the BBKA, if you become a member when you join NSBKA. It is shared with Beecraft magazine if you subscribe to it. If you keep bees it is shared with the Bee Disease Insurance scheme (BDI), and with the Regional Bee Inspector.

Where does this data come from?
Data for most of our members comes from them when they join NSBKA and when they provide updates to the membership secretary during the time of their membership. These updates will be passed on to the organisations listed above as required.

How is your data stored?
This information is stored in digital form on computers and in the form of written documents held by the secretary, membership secretary and treasurer in order to fulfil the purposes described above. All information is stored securely in accordance with the requirements of the new GDPR legislation.

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations?
Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we do not have a statutory requirement to have a Data Protection Officer. The NSBKA committee will be responsible for ensuring NSBKA discharges its obligations under the GDPR. The committee will investigate and report on any alleged data breaches.

Who has access to your data?

Members of the committee of NSBKA have access to members data in order for them to carry out their legitimate tasks for the organisation.

What is the legal basis for collecting this data?
NSBKA collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation representing beekeepers and honeybees.

How you can check what data we have about you?
If you wish to see the membership data we hold about you, you should contact the Membership Secretary at the following email address:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can you ask for data to be removed, limited or corrected?
There are various ways in which you can limit how your data is used:-

  • You can maintain your Association membership with your correct name but with limited contact details. However, we do need to have at least one method of contacting you.
  • You may choose not to receive information emails from NSBKA, eg newsletters, details of forthcoming events, etc.

How long we keep your data for, and why?
We normally keep members data for a period of 2 years after they resign or their membership lapses. However, we will delete any former members contact details entirely on request.

What happens if a member dies?
We normally keep members information after they die for a period of 2 years. If requested by their next-of-kin to delete it, we will do so on the same basis as when requested to remove data by a former member.

The Association's apiary in North Shropshire


The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire. We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members old and new can gain experience in handling bees.

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visionWe encourage and develop
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