NSBKA Training in 2018 - Advance notice of dates for your diary

Please contact Alison Hine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested  in any of the training below or have questions. 

Education Secretary


Other than the BBKA module exam, all these sessions will be at Tilstock Bradbury Village Hall, SY13 3JL



Several NSBKA members have asked about learning more about microscopy and possibly preparing for the BBKA Microscopy assessment.  The assessment isn't until the autumn, but there are several areas to prepare in advance, particularly pollen slides.  There will be an initial training session and it is intended that further study and preparatory sessions will be confirmed thereafter, These sessions will be free to NSBKA members.
If you wish to take part, then the Book 'Practical Microscopy' by Bob Maurer is probably a must at £17.50 from BeeCraft.  It isn't necessary to have your own microscopes to start this training, as it may be possible to borrow these from other members.  However it is easier if you do have your own.  Two microscopes are used; a dissecting microscope plus a compound microscope for slides.  If you are really interested and are still looking for Christmas present ideas for yourself, Brunel microscopes currently have some reasonably priced combined offers with individual microscopes starting from around £75 inc VAT and offers on 'pairs' of microscopes from ~£175 inc VAT.  I am told that some supermarkets also have occasional offers on good microscopes, but I suggest you check that any cheaper options will do what is needed! Other equipment can be bought gradually and / or borrowed or shared, although BeeCraft currently have a 'Microbox' of kit costing £106. 



Food Safety in Manufacturing Training and Certification

Advance notice of date - Cost and exact timing to be confirmed.  If you harvest honey from your bees you are a food producer and completion of this or a similar course once every three years is recommended.  

BBKA Modules Saturday TBC.  There is no rush to decide about sitting a module this Spring, as the application forms don't need to be in until the start of February, but if you are considering studying for a module and would like support please let us know.



Skep Making

If you missed learning how to make a skep last February or would just like to do some more to the skep you started, in the company of other NSBKA members, then this is your chance!   NSBKA member rate: £25 for materials (unless you already have these from last year).



NSBKA Basic Course

Two days: TBC

Free training for NSBKA members, with the option to sit the BBKA Basic Assessment later in the season.  If you have kept bees for at least a year or two and haven't yet 'done the Basic' then this is a must!



Taster in Beekeeping Course

Cost: £70/person, £130/'twosome' *, £35/under 16**
(*Will only receive one copy of handouts **must be accompanied by full paying adult)
This week-end course will be both theoretical and practical, including a hands-on session at the Association apiary where you will see inside a beehive and handle the bees (weather permitting).  Beesuits are available to borrow for the practical session.

* The content of this page is provided for information only. All dates, details and prices etc., are subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice. Please verify the details before acting on them.

The Association's apiary in North Shropshire

The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire.

We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members new and old can gain experience in handling bees.

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