Cake Recipes Using Honey - From the BBC Goodfood Magazine Website

The following links are for recipes that use honey as an ingredient - All the recipes listed below are held on the BBC Goodfood website and the links shown will take you to that website for the full details...

Display #
Title Hits
Web Link Honey cake with honeyed almond crunch 10
Web Link Devonshire honey cake 4
Web Link Warm honey cup puddings 4
Web Link Honey & vanilla madeleines 5
Web Link Apricot, honey & pistachio flapjacks 5
Web Link Walnut, date & honey cake 5
Web Link Honey saffron Christmas cake 4
Web Link Poppyseed & honey cake 6
Web Link Honey & almond layer cake 5
Web Link Honey, parsnip & coconut cake 3
Web Link Fig & honey Christmas cake 4
Web Link Lebkuchen 1
Web Link Cinnamon cashew flapjacks 1

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